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The ENS Oracle Creator




Hello everyone! I am the creator and pioneer of this awesome GPT Agent “ENS Oracle”.

ENS Oracle is more than just a chatbot; it’s an interactive platform crafted to demystify the intricacies of ENS. Whether you’re a crypto-enthusiast/domainer or just anyone eager to secure your personal .eth domain or a business looking to integrate blockchain technology into your digital footprint, ENS Oracle is here to guide you through every step. Go secure your digital identity!

I’m also planning on adding more content here such as a blog post, web3 projects related to ENS, games and more. The original intent was to have this site only about chatbotting but now I want to turn into an “ENS Hub”.

I live on 𝕏 😎

i have about 700+ web3/2 domains combined

domainer, NFT Collector, ai art creator and more!

ENS Maxi 4633 Numbersguy
ENS Maxis #4633 “Numbers Guy”


Navigating on 𝕏

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